Duplex Welder

What is a Duplex Welder and How it Works in Saudi Arabia.

GTAW + SMAW 6G WELDERS – On ASTM 316L (SS) Pipe, Using ER- 2594  for Root and Hot Pass and E – 2209 for Fill Up & Capping..

Duplex welder. Salary 3000 / SAR + FAT.

Weld Specimen:- 6” Sch. 40 (07.11mm thick) (GTAW + SMAW)

One Joint / Per Welder   :- Rs. 8,400.00 / per welder

Only Ro               :- Rs. 6,400.00 (If the test is called off after the Root pass)

Radiography           :- Rs. 700.00 / per welder

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Discover what a duplex welder is and how it can benefit your welding, Get the best deals on high-quality welding equipment Duplex Welder.

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