There are 5 signs to know how your intverview went ?

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Recently one of my friends approached me for confirmation of an interview about  how it went ? 

(He had already been shortlisted for the next round of interview)

  • How do you know if a job interview went well?
  • Would you be invited to the second round?
  • Would you be getting an offer at employment?

There are the 5 good signs to know the interview which is held is in your favour?

1. Job interview is a conversation and runs longer than 30 minutes the interviewer inquires about you.

  • Your interest in the jobs?
  • Discusses “Job” responsibilities
  • Answer your question with interest.
  • Gives a positive affirmation.

2. Tries to sell you the job

  • Spends time in promoting position/company
  • Highlights company culture.

3. You are asked “closing questions” about.

  • Notice period
  • Joining dates
  • Salary discussion great sign
  • Ask whether you are holding any other job offers?

4. Interviewer in the end

  • Shares his /her direct contract information
  • Introduced to the existing team/sr. Decision makers
  • Keep in touch post interviews.

5. Invites for a second round of interview

Note: If these things do not happen , don’t worry and don’t loose your hope, you may still be selected at some or at some other better company, to keep you job searching , the right opportunity will come  along at the right time.